Arnold Clas Robert Thunberg (Helsinki5 april 1893 -died 28 april 1973) was a Finnish speed skater.

Clas Thunberg only started on relatively late age (18) with ice skating. After a somewhat rugged life with lots of smoking and drink he concentrated now fully on his sport.Although he only won his first title at the age of 28 on the European allround Championships in 1922, what event took place in Helsinki, he was the best skater over the next ten years.

At his first participation in the Olympic Winter GamesChamonix 1924, Thunberg won a medal at all distances, three gold medals (1500 and 5000 metres and all-round), one silver and one bronze medal (10,000 metres) (500 metres). The Finn would be the only Olympic all-round champion in history, since this discipline only at this edition the program. Four years later at his second participation in the Olympic Winter GamesSt. Moritz 1928, Thunberg won gold in the 500 and 1,500 meters. To date (OS 2006) he is the most successful Olympic skater with five gold and one silver and bronze medal, only both schaatssters Lidia Skoblikova (6-0-0) and Claudia Pechstein (5-2-2) going for him in this sport. Because during the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid speed skating distances were held on pack-style American way (mass-start, to eight skaters at a time in the job), many Europeans opposed remained way of skating contest at home, similarly Thunberg. Perhaps he had here can complement with even more Olympic medals won.

In addition to the many Olympic podium also in the medals during allround placed mainly played hip-hop-influenced Thunberg Championships. So he became European champion and four times World allround championfive times. With the number of four European titles he stands together with Ivar Ballangrud third on the list of most titles at the European Championships Allround. Only Sven Kramer and Rintje Ritsma (both six titles) more often won a European Championship. With the five world titles together with Oscar Mathisen all-round State Thunberg in a tie for second place. On 17th February 2013 Kramer earned his sixth World allround title, making him the record now holds only.


[hide]*1 personal bests

Personal bests[Edit]Edit

Distance Time Date Course
500 metres 42.6 13 January1931 St. Moritz
1000 meters 1.27, 4 4 March1931 Oslo
1500 meters 2.18, 1 11 January1930 Davos
3000 metres 5.00, 6 21 February1933 Davos
5000 metres 8.32, 6 4 February1928 Davos
10000 metres 17.34, 8 5 February1928 Davos


Year [ EK




[ Olympic


1922 [1] [2]
1923 [3] [4]
1924 [5] NS3 [6]

500 m [7] 1500 [8] 5000 m [9] 10000 m [10] allround

1925 [11]
1927 [12] [13]
1928 [14] [15] [16]

500 m [17] 1500 m 12th 5000 m

1929 [18] [19]
1931 [20] [21]
1932 [22]
1933 6th
1934 NC15 NC14
1935 NC11 NC18
NC # = not qualified for the final distance, but as # has been awarded 4 stars in the final ranking
NS3 = not started on the 3rd distance

Medal Tally[Edit]Edit

Championship Gold






European Allround 4 4 0
World Allround Speed Skating Championships 5 1 1
Olympic Games 5 1 1

World records[Edit]Edit

Nr. Distance Time Date Course
1 500 metres 42.8 19 January1929 Davos
2 1000 meters 1.28, 4 11 January1930 Davos
3 500 metres 42.6 13 January1931 Davos
4 3000 metres 5.19, 2 8 January1932 Davos

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