Eddy Putter ( Akersloot , January 7 1982 ) is a Dutch footballer . The forward played from the winter of 2006/07 season for FC Dordrecht . Since his contract ran out in July 2009, when both he and the club wanted to extend. Vebintenis his one year However putter failed the medical examination over which the partnership was broken.

Putter was in July 2009 internship at Wellington Phoenix FC in New Zealand and suffered an ankle injury on. Moreover, he was operated on in the first week of August. Although he is expected to fully recover, the duration of the recovery was too uncertain for FC Dordrecht to enter a new contract with Putter on at that time [1] . In December 2009 Putter reported back to training with FC Dordrecht to work on. his recovery The club then made ​​an appointment with him to make. The current season on an amateur basis on In June 2010 Putter reached agreement with FC Lienden a contract, making him the Rated will play. In January 2012 Eddy has an old promise to join the club where it all began, redeemed. Finish his career From that moment on he again plays in sv Meervogels' 31 from Akersloot where as 12-year-old ever was scouted by FC Volendam ..

Season Club Competitions Goals Competition
2000/01 FC Volendam 29 9 [1]

First Division

2001/02 FC Volendam 17 3 [2] First Division
RKC Waalwijk 14 1 [3]


2002/03 RKC Waalwijk 18 2 [4] Eredivisie
2003/04 RKC Waalwijk 0 0 [5] Eredivisie
FC Volendam 17 2 [6] Eredivisie
2004/05 RKC Waalwijk 22 4 [7] Eredivisie
2005/06 RKC Waalwijk 1 0 [8] Eredivisie
FC Dordrecht 33 14 [9]

First Division

2006/07 RKC Waalwijk 5 0 [10]


FC Dordrecht 10 3 [11]

First Division

2007/08 FC Dordrecht 34 9 [12] First Division
2008/09 FC Dordrecht 30 9 [13] First Division
Total 230 56

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