Hector Walter Baldassi ( Río Ceballos , 5 January 1966 ) is a former Argentine referee in professional football . He whistled in 1998, his first match in the Primera División Argentina and led on July 25, 2000 his first international match, Venezuela and Chile. [1] He was a referee during matches at the Copa America 2004 , Copa Sudamericana 2006 and Copa Libertadores 2008 .

At the global level Baldassi was active in the World Cup under 20-2007 , the 2008 Summer Olympics , the World Cup under 20-2009 and the 2010 World Cup . [2] At the world championship of 2010 he was in charge of the group matches Serbia-Ghana (0 -1, five yellow cards , one penalty), Netherlands-Japan (1-0, yellow card) and Switzerland-Honduras (0-0, five yellow cards). He also refereed the eighth finals Spain-Portugal (1-0, two yellow cards).

Baldassi whistled his last international match on November 11 2011 , the World Cup qualifier Uruguay Chile (4-0) in Montevideo .

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