Jan Egon Rod (Kisa11 January 1962) is a former Swedish race Walker. He was multiple Swedish Champion in this discipline. He also took part in the Olympic Gamestwice, but won no medals.


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His biggest success Gustafsson at the 1985 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Paris, where he on the 5000 m race walk finished in fifth place. At the 1987 World Championships in Rome ended Bar as seventeenth on the 20 km walkat the 1993 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS , in Stuttgart , he was 28th. Rod competed at the 20 km race walk of both the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul as that of 1996 in Atlanta; in both cases he was 30th. At the games of 1988 took Rod also participated in the 50 km walk, but on this part was he disqualified.


  • Swedish Champion 10,000 m walk-1985, 1986, 1997, 1998
  • Swedish Champion 20 km walk-1996
  • Swedish Champion 50 km walk-1997
  • Swedish indoor 5000 m walk champion-1998, 1999


5000 m race walk (indoor)[Edit]Edit

  • 1985: 5th WORLD CUP-20.00, 95

20 km walk[Edit]Edit

  • 1983: DNS WK
  • 1987: 17th World Cup 1: 25.12
  • 1988: 30th OS-1: 24.59
  • 1993: 28th World Cup 1: 30.29
  • 1996: 30th OS-1: 25.30
  • 1997: 51st World Cup-1: 23.50
  • 1999: 75th World Cup-1: 33.17

50 km walk[Edit]Edit

  • 1988: DQ OS

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