Julius Ferninand Skutnabb (12 June 1889 – 26 February 1965) was a Finnish speed skater.

Julius Ferninand Skutnabb was twice contestant on the Olympic Winter Games (in 1924 and 1928). He became the first Olympic champion in the 10,000 meters. In this race he was paired with compatriot Clas Thunberg, who had already won two distances at these Winter Games. Thunberg stated after the 10 k that he had closed a deal with Ferninand Skutnabb. If the 10,000 m win as long as ferninand Skutnabb Thunberg itself the first Olympic all-round title and post the only-could win.

At the European Speed Skating Championships he took part four times, which he the EK of 1926 the title medal. In his six appearances at the World Championships was the bronze medal at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of 1924 his best performance.


Year [ EK




[ Olympic


1914 10th
1922 5th
1923 6th
1924 5th [1] 10th 500 m

4th 1500 m [2] 5000 m [3] 10000 m [4] allround

1926 [5]
1927 6th 5th
1928 5th 10th [6]

5000 m

Medal Tally[Edit]Edit

Championship Gold






European Allround 1 0 0
World Allround Speed Skating Championships 0 0 1
Olympic Games 1 2 1

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