Mae (Lange) Huizenga (Wehe14 may 1893 - Ruinerwold11 October 1973) was a runner from Groningen , which competed for three years with the (inter) national top.He improved the world record in October 1915 on the marathon under 2: 32.40. [1]


Huizenga realized its marathon record on 24 October 1915 on a trajectory of Groningen to Davies and back. [2this record, nor during his marathon record times on the 3, 4, 7 and 10 km, were by the Dutch Athletics Union recognized as Dutch record . Was performed as a reason that there is no official present, by the bond had been present at the record attempt timers. His marathon time was so by the Athletics Association also never signed up as an official world record.

In the course of 1916 and 1917 did increasingly rumored, that Huizenga would have taken the not too closely with the amateur rules. The NAU dropped the accusations investigations and although most of them were found to be based on chats, was suspended for three months the Groninger anyway. It ushered in the end of the short-lived, but stormy career of mocking the butchers servantwith everything and everyone, because in 1918 he stopped athletics. [2]

Dutch Championships[Edit]Edit

Part Year
5000 m 1915, 1916

Personal bests[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
7000 m 25.02, 8 (ex-NR) 14 november 1915 Groningen
8000 m 28.50, 4 (ex-NR) 14 november 1915 Groningen
9000 m 32.32, 4 (ex-NR) 14 november 1915 Groningen
10,000 m 35.01, 4 (ex-NR) 22 October 1916 Groningen
15,000 m 53.27, 8 (ex-NR) 22 October 1916 Groningen
20,000 m 1: 13.18, 2 (ex-NR) 22 October 1916 Groningen
half hour walking 8110 m (ex-NR) 22 October 1916 Groningen
uurloop 16.868, 50 m (ex-NR) 22 October 1916 Groningen

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