Richard James Allen (4 June 1902 – 1969) was an Indian field hockey player who competed in the Summer Olympics in 19281932, and 1936. He was born in NagpurIndia, and did his schooling from the prestigious Oak Grove School, Mussoorie and later at St.Joseph's College, Nainital.

In the 1928 Summer Olympics, he played five matches as goalkeeper, and no goals were scored against him. Four years later, he played one match against United States as goalkeeper. The American team scored one goal against him, while he was off the field signing autographs (the final score was 24-1 in India's favour, a world record at that time). In the 1936 Summer Olympics he played four matches as goalkeeper. One goal was scored against him. This tally of conceding only two goals over three Olympic games remains an Olympic record to this day.

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