Robert Stromberger ( Darmstadt , September 13 1930 - February 7 2009 ) was a German actor and director .

Strom Berger was known by the television Bei uns daheim (1966), who Unverbesserlichen , PS and Diese Drombuschs . The more critical part series, Tod eines Schuler (1981) about the suicide of a student, is Robert Strom Berger. In 1995 he wrote the screenplay of the series Tödliche Wahl with Jürgen Prochnow, Günther Maria Halmer, Anja Kling and Dominique Horwitz.

The Family Hesselbach im Urlaub , also Wolf Schmidt, he had a small role, and he was an assistant director with the "Hessian Spielgemeinschaft" he played for years in the "StaatstheaterDarmstadt "succeeding Joseph Offenbach, the Datterich Ernst Elias Niebergall and there was also the director.

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